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Nanjing Keweisi Medical Lighting & Technology Co., Ltd.

LED surgical headlamps, LED examination lights, binocular loupes, LED surgical lights, endoscope light sources

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  • Phone: +86 25 52777090
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    Lantian Road, Lukou Konggang Industry, Garden, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
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Company Profile
Nanjing Keweisi Medical Lighting & Technology Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Yanan Special Lighting Factory) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical lighting equipment including LED headlamps, gooseneck examination lights, binocular loupes, LED surgical lights and endoscope light sources. As a provider specialized in the development and manufacturing of medical lighting products, Keweisi's mission has always been to provide premium quality surgery and diagnostic lighting systems with exceptional support and service to meet customer needs and expectations. Through years of dedication to innovation and relentless commitment to R&D, Keweisi is recognized worldwide and holds a reputation in every product category that it develops and manufactures.

Keweisi's value creation model is founded on the philosophy of creating superior products that maximize the potential of latest lighting technology and sophisticated manufacturing infrastructure. The company's award-winning LED medical headlamps incorporate precision multiple lens optical system consisting of four high-quality lenses for homogeneous illumination of the entire field of view and a clearly defined light spot. The high brightness LEDs create outstanding light intensity, cool beam temperature and exceptional color accuracy for tissue differentiation with dynamically focusable optics providing superior deep cavity illumination. Keweisi's LED examination lights combine sleek head design, precsion engineered optical systems and superior maneuverability for accurate and controlled examination ability. Designed to provide the finest intensity, color rendering, control and flexibility for every procedure, Keweisi's LED surgical lights features provide maximum shadowless visualization throughout its entire depth of field.

With unrivalled expertise across the entire value chain, every light is designed and engineered to the industry's highest standards for quality, performance, reliability and cost optimization. Keweisi is committed to enabling its partners' success in their specialty end-markets by leveraging the company's integrated manufacturing capabilities as well as engineering excellence in optical, electrical and mechanical design. Keweisi's confidence in the reliability and quality is supported by the uncompromising implementation of ISO 9001/ISO 13485 quality management systems and the registration with FDA.
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